Monday, December 24, 2018

Nov. 22 2018
Her Beauty Abounds (regardless of what is going on)

Mother Earth is all beauty on this full moon lit night. In her receivership of the bowl playing, she made a single clear statement, "My beauty abounds." Later she expanded this notion as she being beauty on all levels in spite of the impacts she receives from our negative thoughts. 
HER BEAUTY IS SEPARATE FROM US and she offers an environment of non-co-dependent relations with those that inhabit her space and lands. 
We are the ones living co-dependently and because of this imbalance in ourselves, we do not see her beauty - nor our own. 
She asks that we heal from our isolations of fear and mistrust so that we can return to our individual, authentic selves... this to lead us to see beauty abounds (click here to listen) in us, as well as Mother Earth. 
Thank you Mother Earth for your wisdom.


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