Monday, December 24, 2018

Dec. 22, 2018 - WOW Factor

Although for many people January 1 is the mark of a new year, for Mother Earth I have learned that  the solstice is her New Year. And while many more of us spend our abundance of thought energy being engulfed in worry and fear of current world events, Mother Earth asks us in this recording to look beyond the many shifting energies to see the wonderful WOW factor that goes on everyday in her offerings to us of her beauty, uniqueness, might and the larger picture of the wonders we are becoming as ascension progresses - now pacing at a daily/hourly exponential rate. 
She guided me to use a single stricker with the bowls this time, one that is small around like a pencil and made from sacred wood. I had never tried this stricker alone, nor on many of the bowls played here, so I had no idea of what would be heard. Like the infancy of the New Year, this is a small, nevertheless, mighty stricker that produced new-to-me sounds especially from the larger bowls. 
The new stretches us and ask us to think a-new. In this way, we keep fresh and our Divine Innocence stays alive and thriving. 
Mother Earth says crises happen, yes, but so does wonderment,. Our Divine Innocence can shelter us from the storms by keeping our thoughts focused on the WOW factor. There is always something amazing taking place around and in us, and in our world.
At the end of the playing, perhaps you will notice the last bowl played (serendipitous-  this the smallest of my bowls)  making a distinctive WOW sound! 
Mother Earth says, "Live your WOW!"
PS - word play... WOW turned upside down is MOM!!


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