Sunday, November 18, 2018

November 17, 2018 - Rides the waves ... of love

Mother Earth, as the conductor she always is of the recordings of the sacred Tibetan singing bowls, demonstrated the waves we are riding these days and stated clearly, asking us to "Hold strong and steady... in the waves of love."

She asks that we ride the vibrational "waves of love" (click to listen) in this recording that call forth our still minds and knowing hearts.

Her message to us is reflected in this excerpt I happened to read today in a timely and unique book, A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael:
"This is our moment of truth. Our day of reckoning. As our planet continues to spiral out of control, when it comes to all of these things that we really don't want, we are faced with a choice of immense proportions. Are we going to be honest about what is in our hearts? Are we going to finally say enough is enough?"

May these recordings be healing for you. Please do check back weekly as I try to post one a week - though today two were posted Nov. 3 & 17. ~Malkiel

PS the book referred to below is an excellent read for anyone - as is defined in the beginning of the text - all of us are Lightworkers. 

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