Monday, December 24, 2018

Dec. 22, 2018 - WOW Factor

Although for many people January 1 is the mark of a new year, for Mother Earth I have learned that  the solstice is her New Year. And while many more of us spend our abundance of thought energy being engulfed in worry and fear of current world events, Mother Earth asks us in this recording to look beyond the many shifting energies to see the wonderful WOW factor that goes on everyday in her offerings to us of her beauty, uniqueness, might and the larger picture of the wonders we are becoming as ascension progresses - now pacing at a daily/hourly exponential rate. 
She guided me to use a single stricker with the bowls this time, one that is small around like a pencil and made from sacred wood. I had never tried this stricker alone, nor on many of the bowls played here, so I had no idea of what would be heard. Like the infancy of the New Year, this is a small, nevertheless, mighty stricker that produced new-to-me sounds especially from the larger bowls. 
The new stretches us and ask us to think a-new. In this way, we keep fresh and our Divine Innocence stays alive and thriving. 
Mother Earth says crises happen, yes, but so does wonderment,. Our Divine Innocence can shelter us from the storms by keeping our thoughts focused on the WOW factor. There is always something amazing taking place around and in us, and in our world.
At the end of the playing, perhaps you will notice the last bowl played (serendipitous-  this the smallest of my bowls)  making a distinctive WOW sound! 
Mother Earth says, "Live your WOW!"
PS - word play... WOW turned upside down is MOM!!


December 18, 2018
Companions in humility
The obvious and building pressures of the solstice brought Mother Earth to ask for a session tonight.  
I heard in my first attempted recording to take it all "in stride", "IT" meaning to take all the earth shifting in stride. 
As I write this reflective message, I realize this message came from the cosmos to Mother Earth.
The second try at recording (the one posted here) made it for about 5 minutes with bumps along the way - this being reflective of the energetic shifts taking place at this time. 
Shifts are rarely without imperfections (bumps along the way), 
and as this brings Mother Earth humility,
it brings me humility. 
We reunite in the vibrations of the bowls. 
We are companions in humility with Mother Earth.
(click in the link above to listen) 
December 14, 2018 Candle 
It has been a while since I felt the calling from Mother Earth to play the bowls. I have had a sense that her attention is taken in the basking in the energies of 12:12 and the soon to arrive solstice. 
This is HER time when all the energies are grounding into her - it is her home coming. I felt this grounding experience in her and felt full myself because of it. I heard the phrase "Candle in the wind" and she was quick to clarify that she is the candle in the wind. I was guided to begin this recording with a very low frequency tuning fork which may be hardly audible. As I listened to the replay, I heard the candle in the wind of the tones - the candle being the mind being cleared, making way to travel in an infinite number of directions on Gaia's energy tributaries. In this, there is perfection - a stress free perfection. A purity is awakening. The purity is the candle (click here to listen)- the wind is the movement of purity throughout the earth!

Dec. 2, 2018 - Mirrors
by Mother Earth

As mirrors reflect each other
as two sit, so are we - you and me
We are together 
IN this together,
individually combined
united in likeness
I am  you
you are me
Hear our unity in these vibration as they mirror back 
to the you that you are we. 

(click on the link above to listen)


Nov. 28, 2018 "Claring" (meaning Clearing of Spirit)

In the midst of the odd and uncomfortable energies apparent during the day, Mother Earth asked for a clearing playing. 
From the beginning of the playing the message of simplicity came across from her. "Two words only", she said, "Two words only are needed." This, she explained to insure clarity, like the clarity of the vibrations coming from the bowls tonight. Clarity that leads to the cleanliness of spirit - her word for this is "claring". (click here to listen) 

What two words come forth for you as you listen?

From Mother Earth she says simply, "I AM".

Nov. 22 2018
Her Beauty Abounds (regardless of what is going on)

Mother Earth is all beauty on this full moon lit night. In her receivership of the bowl playing, she made a single clear statement, "My beauty abounds." Later she expanded this notion as she being beauty on all levels in spite of the impacts she receives from our negative thoughts. 
HER BEAUTY IS SEPARATE FROM US and she offers an environment of non-co-dependent relations with those that inhabit her space and lands. 
We are the ones living co-dependently and because of this imbalance in ourselves, we do not see her beauty - nor our own. 
She asks that we heal from our isolations of fear and mistrust so that we can return to our individual, authentic selves... this to lead us to see beauty abounds (click here to listen) in us, as well as Mother Earth. 
Thank you Mother Earth for your wisdom.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

November 17, 2018 - Rides the waves ... of love

Mother Earth, as the conductor she always is of the recordings of the sacred Tibetan singing bowls, demonstrated the waves we are riding these days and stated clearly, asking us to "Hold strong and steady... in the waves of love."

She asks that we ride the vibrational "waves of love" (click to listen) in this recording that call forth our still minds and knowing hearts.

Her message to us is reflected in this excerpt I happened to read today in a timely and unique book, A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael:
"This is our moment of truth. Our day of reckoning. As our planet continues to spiral out of control, when it comes to all of these things that we really don't want, we are faced with a choice of immense proportions. Are we going to be honest about what is in our hearts? Are we going to finally say enough is enough?"

May these recordings be healing for you. Please do check back weekly as I try to post one a week - though today two were posted Nov. 3 & 17. ~Malkiel

PS the book referred to below is an excellent read for anyone - as is defined in the beginning of the text - all of us are Lightworkers.