Monday, December 24, 2018

December 18, 2018
Companions in humility
The obvious and building pressures of the solstice brought Mother Earth to ask for a session tonight.  
I heard in my first attempted recording to take it all "in stride", "IT" meaning to take all the earth shifting in stride. 
As I write this reflective message, I realize this message came from the cosmos to Mother Earth.
The second try at recording (the one posted here) made it for about 5 minutes with bumps along the way - this being reflective of the energetic shifts taking place at this time. 
Shifts are rarely without imperfections (bumps along the way), 
and as this brings Mother Earth humility,
it brings me humility. 
We reunite in the vibrations of the bowls. 
We are companions in humility with Mother Earth.
(click in the link above to listen) 

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