Monday, December 24, 2018

December 14, 2018 Candle 
It has been a while since I felt the calling from Mother Earth to play the bowls. I have had a sense that her attention is taken in the basking in the energies of 12:12 and the soon to arrive solstice. 
This is HER time when all the energies are grounding into her - it is her home coming. I felt this grounding experience in her and felt full myself because of it. I heard the phrase "Candle in the wind" and she was quick to clarify that she is the candle in the wind. I was guided to begin this recording with a very low frequency tuning fork which may be hardly audible. As I listened to the replay, I heard the candle in the wind of the tones - the candle being the mind being cleared, making way to travel in an infinite number of directions on Gaia's energy tributaries. In this, there is perfection - a stress free perfection. A purity is awakening. The purity is the candle (click here to listen)- the wind is the movement of purity throughout the earth!

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