Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October 28, 2018 
Many words and energies tried to dissuade the potential playing tonight. In the end, the subtle, yet gigantic energies of Mother Earth prevailed, and as I listened to the recording afterwards, I felt her whispered message as it raised into my awareness. I became consciously aware of the multidimensional aspects of the heart - hers and mine. Once again I saw the vortex reach down into her (as it did on another rainy night) and the energies travelled to wherever they were needed.

Mother Earth's message: May your hearts be "opened". (click on the word 'opened' to hear the recording)

While these contributions are written from my perspective I encourage you to read them as if it was you who had experienced the encounter with Mother Earth. I hope in this way they become a more personal experience for you and this brings you to a closer, more conscious contact with Mother Earth. 

The picture posted here is proof to me that Love is in the Earth and that Mother Earth wants us to know that first and foremost about her. It is a small piece of a fall leaf that has somehow been ripped into the shape of a heart and flown up two storeys to land on a wet window where it would stay until observed a few weeks before starting my sacred singing bowl playing for Mother Earth. Seems only fitting for this post. 

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