Sunday, October 28, 2018

Vibrations Oct. 22/18 recording
OPENING - October 22, 2018
In the toning today with (and for) Mother Earth and her energy lines, on a near full moon, cloudless night, this message came through the vibrations:

I am not just the earth below your feet, I am the sky above your head, and the moon in the heavens. Feel the space that opens up as you play the bowls for me. Let it open your heart and play - whatever "play" means to you. Make sure it carries you upwards and outwards to the  sky. And yes, the moonlight is also my sunlight that nourishes me and guides me. I rejoice in this freedom and expression. Thank you. 

To listen to this recording please click on "play" above to access the link to the recording. This recording, when translated into etches on a screen, as in a voice, looks like this. It is interesting when flipped upwards how the bowl recording does look like a moving into an opening up... and a arrow. I hope the sound returns you to a moment of play as Mother Earth would have us do.

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