Monday, November 12, 2018

November 3, 2018 - Clearing the Storm
After two days wind and rain came to an end today. I experience winds and storms to be shifting events and have noticed they can bring with them a variety of energies that grab my (our) attention. This storm was particularly forceful, but first the winds brought a flavor of tidings (energetically) of "man's inhumanity to man". This wind had strength enough to uproot a nearby 2-3 story tall tree. It had a fury (anger) about it and like a volcano, whirled and swirled with a palpable rage. It is easy to conclude that Mother Earth was sending her fury on to us in retaliation. But perhaps our perceptions are skewed and shortsighted. 
What if explosive style communications like this are a way for Mother Earth to send our words, thoughts and actions of mistrust, anger, hopelessness back to us to show us what we have been doing? What if she is simply reflecting back to us the vibrations we have been allowing to flow through our bodies that damaging ourselves and Mother Earth at the energetic level?
I was led this evening to play for Mother Earth to break up and send these pernicious energies off for transformation through sound. The experience of playing this session, however brief,  was intense. It was as if Mother Earth herself was looking up at me from the floor where the bowls were being played, keen for the bowls to release the garbage and waste felt upon her... eager for the release yet she also witnessing their release with deep, conscious and assertive compassion.
So I learned Mother Earth is always in a state of surrender! When she has been affected by negative energies, such as humans produce from feeling fear, she is already in a position to release and return to balance, and because she is abundant with frequency, the bowls cut the ties to lower vibrations which have locked on to her. She allows this release through her innate ability to flow and surrender.

Thank you Mother Earth for this humbling lesson and experience of "clearing the storm".

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