Sunday, October 21, 2018

Welcome Mother Earth!

Communicating with Mother Earth

Hello Mother Earth...
As we transition through ascension, there are milestones that bring everything together into sweet harmony. This blog is a representation of such a milestone: re-establishing our communication with Mother Earth through universal, original source vibration. 
This blog is here to share with you the recordings that I offer to Mother Earth to re-establish the communication with her, to support the flow of her energy that weaves its way through her world wide nervous system known as earth energy lines. While playing sacred Tibetan singing bowls, source vibrations are offered to her. They seep down to her core. Like a person having been lost in the desert for months, her thirst for these vibrations refreshes her and re-establishes a healthy body. 
And like any good mother she extends her love through her need of these vibrations to her children who take a moment to listen to a recording. You may find yourself deeply moved by the sounds. You may find you feel her presence in your heart. Whatever re-connection you receive when listening, know that she has also received the same re-connection with herself, and the reciprocal communication between Mother and child is re-established. In these vibrations, this is where you can be free to speak with her, to share your joys and your sorrows with her, for they are hers as well. This is where we gain strength together and join our hearts with hers in Divine Vibration.

October 20, 2018 was the first such recording, and while a little rough around the edges, a first "Hello" (click on hello for to hear) can often feel a bit awkward but also be exciting and joyful.